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Finally! Photos are up. (originally posted March 14, 2006 on

January 21, 2011

I finally got my photos scanned in. “Finally? You just created your LJ!”

I’ve had these photographs laying around for a while now. I like to use black and white film for spirit photography, as I think it catches spirits better. Weird preference, I know!
These photos are pretty much arranged from least dramatic to most dramatic. I don’t know what it is about my roommate, but I am glad I found her! Through Craigslist, actually. A spirit photographer and a medium living in the same apartment? It’s nothing short of amazing!

This is outside the apartment; there appears to be spirit activity in the form of a mist, around the bushes.

This is again, outside the apartment. There is a little path with lights… this area outside my door is rife with spirit activity! Check out those orbs!

Here’s where it starts to get weird — when my medium roommate and her acquaintance watch “24,” a spirit appeared out of nowhere! It must like Jack Bauer (he is a badass).

Further attesting to the spirit activity in the home, I snapped a photo of the stairs — as a spirit climbed them!

Now, this looks like the stair-climber to me! He’s so young, that’s probably why he took to my cat, Bun-Bun. This photo is nothing short of amazing — probably the most convincing photograph ever taken of a spirit. Cats can’t be suspended magically, after all!

My roommate and I were discussing the presence of spirits in our apartment, when she brought up the need for a seance. She and two acquaintances sat together channeling spirits, while I tried my best to hide and snap pictures. I didn’t want to scare an otherwise-shy spirit away!
As it turns out, this seance was incredibly successful. I measure a seance successful if we get in contact with a spirit. Well, a spirit sure did: it manifested itself physically in the form of ectoplasm! After some further investigation of the photos, I believe the spirit present was that of Pope John Paul II!

Thanks for checking this out. Comment if you’d like!


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  1. kristina king permalink
    May 16, 2011 5:59 am

    dear kristina, i stumbled along your website by searching my own name irronically it is yours as well from your site i learned that you and i are the same age. and even though i do not practice or try to develop them i believe i have a few medium tendencies of my own. like i have also an almost overwelming interest in anything dealing with the supernatural at times i know things are gonna happen before they do its like instict my tummy hurts and i get a weird feeling, sometimes ill get flashes and they happen. its weird really. anyways i consulted with a physic not to long ago, and a tarrot reader, the tarrot has been a strong interest of mine, two years ago, they both told me that i had a negative force surrounding my life, and offered to do a protection spell for a huge fee of course, the physic said she felt it was a human directing bad luck my way and causing alot of the troubles ive had for years like always being broke or things ive gone through from my marriage down to my children. this kinda leaves me lost. you see my husband is southern baptist and soesnt believe in any of it, to him me talking to the physic and taking any concern in what she said is wrong. so if you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to send me an email. sincerly,
    kristina marie king, 27
    pinebluff, north carolina


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