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12.15.09 agenda

1. Expository writing: It’s almost winter break. What do the holidays mean to you and your family? Do you celebrate? How so? How would you compare your traditions to those of other Americans?

2. Shakespeare Crossword: download it here if you need it. This crossword is very cool, but it only skims the barrel of words Shakespeare coined! He is responsible for introducing 2,000 words into the English language (including foreign words he introduced into English, words he made up, nouns he used as verbs, etc). Clue for 19 Across is “provides additional strength”

3. Read Othello Act  II

HW: Finish reading Act II (pg. 97-107). I will ask random students questions, so don’t slack!

NOTE: The due date for the Othello Facebook Profile Project has been changed to January 5, 2010. If you turn it in this Friday (the original due date), you will receive 5 extra credit points on the assignment.

Also: No Wordskills or Vocab quiz this week. We’ll resume that after break!

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